Climate Change Tree Bundle

New!  Climate Change tree bundle is composed of 5 each of:  Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Witch Hazel and Red Oak.  A 28% savings compared to buying individual plants.

Black Cherry - Requires full sun.  Variety of soils. Drupes of small white flowers changing to purpish black berries 1 cm across. Up to 20m tall.

Black Walnut - Prefers full sun, deep rich soils. At the bottom of south facing hillsides is ideal. Up to 30m tall

Witch Hazel -  Forest and open areas - not full shade.  Blooms in fall. Sometimes blooms seen into winter.  Broadly roundish leaves. Small tree/large shrub.  5-7m tall.

Red Oak - Prefers sun. All soil types.  Only occasionally on moist sites.  Produces acorns for wildlife forage.  Grows 20-30 m tall.

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Regionally sourced native
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Price: $57.00