About Us

Freinds of Ecological and Environmental Learning (FEEL) is a registered charity whose mission is to advance the public's awareness, understanding, and appreciation of ecosystems through education. We do this by:

  • Operating the annual 2-day Haliburton-Muskoka-Kawartha Children's Water Festival, which teaches and motivates elementary students to be water stewards in their classroom, homes and community
  • Operating a yearly rain barrel sale to promote the use of recycled rainwater
  • Producing "The Sprite," which is a publication for kids and their families on environmental topics
  • Hosting the "Chique to be Geek" Quiz night for kids and adults
  • Providing native and eco-friendly plants to landowners and community organizations in our annual plant sale, with an aim to inrease awareness of their benefits and encourage their use as a stewardship tool

For more information on the Friends of Ecological and Environmental Learning, see http://www.ecoenvirolearn.org


The Haliburton Highlands Land Trust was a partner in the 2015 plant sale.  The Haliburton Highlands Land Trust (the Land Trust) and the Friends of Ecological and Environmental Learning (FEEL) have jointly decided that the Land Trust will not be a participant in future Native Plant Sales.  FEEL will continue with this project and the Land Trust extends their best wishes to FEEL for the continued success in this endeavour.